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The most interesting cheats and secrets in Super Mario
  • - in world 1-2 at the end of the level, you can climb over the ceiling and find three pots, each of which is a teleport to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th worlds respectively;
  • - every 100 cents collected gives one life to Mario;
  • - in world 4-1, there is a brick at the end in front of the flag, from which you can stuff a lot of coins;
  • - at the end of levels with flags (these are the first levels of each new world), before jumping, you can accelerate and, due to this, jump to the flag higher, thereby cutting down more points;
  • - In world 4-2, after falling stairs from the first level, you can knock out a plant that will take you up to a secret room. To get to the plant, jump under the top three cubes. There will be an invisible brick that you can climb up.
  • - at the end of the secret room in world 4-2 you will find three more teleporters, in levels 6-8;
  • - In world 8-1, you can run through small holes in the ground by holding b and pressing "forward", similar to normal acceleration. Practice, useful skill.
  • - if you score a high amount of points when jumping on the flag at the end of the level, a small salute will be given in your honor;
  • -  some pipes can be climbed into. They contain secret rooms with bonuses.